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The Healing Monk for Pets & People!
Comes to Bosley’s Langley Pet Foods Store

Judy Starre
“Animal Communicator, Holistic Dog Trainer
and Master Energy Healing Facilitator”

Treat ‘yourself’ and ‘your pet’ to experience hands-on Reiki & healing energy, a message from your pet! ~training games & lots of divine interaction!

Educational & Informative ~ Saturday, September 27th, 2014
from 12:30pm – 6:00pm
20159 88th Avenue, LANGLEY, BC V1M 0A4

The Healing Monk Canine Pack Theory and Family Pack Balance Vibrant Equine Healing

The Healing Monk Canine Pack Theory and Family Pack Balance

Wolves are the ancestors of the dog. They have a hierarchical structure and their specific territories are sacred to them, they are social animals and live in, and form packs. Within the wolf pack there is an Alpha or dominant male, and an Alpha, or dominant female. As within the wolf pack, the younger and stronger wolf members will attempt to challenge the Alpha male for dominance and leadership. Within your family pack, depending upon how dominant your dog is, he/she, will attempt to elevate his/her status as well within your family pack. Members within the pack know their exact role and at times flexibility is necessary which adds to the success, and fluidity of the pack order. It is important to establish yourself as the pack leader in the beginning of training and form this partnership relationship of mutual respect, for success in dog training. It is a tough position for your dog to be the ‘Top Dog’ and constantly maintaining the pack balance within the family unit.


There is a very unique technique The Healing Monk Dog Training Program incorporates to establish the pack leader position which is non-invasive to the dog, and yourself, and takes a few moments of time. Once the Alpha Male and Alpha Female roles are established, the subordinates, which are the siblings and other animals in your family, also fall within the pack ‘pecking order’ and a partnership with your dog is established.


It is a great, great! relief for your dog to relinquish their role as pack leader and they will now look to You! for guidance and leadership.

The Healing Monk Dog Training Difference 150 150 Vibrant Equine Healing

The Healing Monk Dog Training Difference


Our Program offers Animal Communication Mentoring for you throughout the whole training program, especially for you. In other words you learn “how to communicate with your dog” on an intuitive level and ‘relationship build’ which will result in a harmonious relationship with your pet for ever lasting results.

When people come to Judy for dog training they are saying there is an imbalance in their family pack. “My dog is doing all this bad behaviour and everybody is stressed out”. Dog training is great, don’t get me wrong, but does it address where the dog is coming from, from what it is ‘feeling’ and experiencing from its’ point of view? For long lasting results with your training selection, don’t forget that Fido must be balanced and happy, and so should you be! Did you know that dogs have all the same emotions that humans do except for the fact that they cannot reason? Alpha dog training does not always ‘work’ for long. Why?..because the underlying imbalance of the dog, and your expectations, were not initially addressed or healed. In other words, the pack is still not balanced. Dogs will do great with training, but are they happy just pleasing you? They may love you but is the respect there….no it isn’t. Dog training alone can build resentment, anger, and frustration on the dogs behalf. These are more undesirable conditions which you will have to deal with when your dog begins to ‘act out’ more naughty behaviour, to alleviate its’ frustration and unhappiness. What he is trying to communicate to you? Does he have physical pain, are his energy centers Chakras blocked? Realize that your dog is going to jump at the first chance to elevate themselves in the pack the first opportunity they can because the Alpha-Pack scenario is still very active and still very fresh on their minds. (They think moment-to-moment and live in the moment only).

What about ‘Partnership” Training? Did you know that being a pack leader is fluid? There is a balance, in nature, as with your dog. Throughout our Program we offer Animal Communication Mentoring for you throughout the whole training program Free to You. In other words you learn “how to communicate with your dog” on an intuitive level and ‘relationship build’ which will bring you a successful, happy relationship with your pet for ever lasting results.

When your pet is ‘out of balance or acting out’ in behaviours that you find unacceptable, it is trying to communicate with you, help you and even heal you? How awesome is that! Maybe you are stressed and they are trying to de-stress you! When an animal takes on our stresses and they cannot readily release them the same way a human can. This stress shows up in physical problems and imbalance in the energy flow of their system. An animal can ‘literally’ take on a person’s illness and absorb the toxic energy for you. That is why The Healing Monk Dog Training prides itself in balancing You and your Pet first, then relationship build in our training. The lessons are fun! Your dog will show you aspects of itself that will have never seen before. All of a sudden it is like they have been transformed from “being in a foreign country where no one could understand them……to finding someone who finally that speaks their language”! The relief and pressure off of the animal is immense, they want to work with you, they respect you, and they are looking to You as their pack leader. Please do not let them down, remain pack leader with the fluidity it may represent, always assert yourself as a leader and your dog will respect and admire you for it.