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November 2014

Messages from your dog! Vibrant Equine Healing

Messages from your dog!

…and what they would like You to know about Them ~

Dogs are creatures of habit. They like to have their bed and food bowls in the same place; Otherwise, this may be unsettling and confusing to them. It is the same idea as if you were to come home and find your furniture rearranged or in a different place. Your comfort zone would be feeling, not so comfortable. The dog crate is your best friend. If you train your dog to have his or her crate for their first bed they will always have a ‘home away from home‘. Your dog will be comfortable when it is crated in the car, in another location or place where you are visiting or even when travelling on an airplane.

Make sure you buy a crate that is airline approved. You can bring your new puppy home in a crate or a senior rescued dog home and it will be secure and happy. Kenneling reflects pack theory as well. Dogs associate their crate as a type of den, as did its ancestors the wolf, living in caves and dens for housing and bringing up their young.  Dogs can stay on the same type of dog food and do not require a variety of foods to make them happy. As long as their dietary needs are being met for what ever stage of life they are in, they will be fine with the same dog food. Should they wish for a bit of a change up in their meals, I would suggest you give them different snacks which will compliment their diet. Handy treats may include, baby carrots or a stock of broccoli which will give then additional fibre and roughage to their diet. These naturals are also filling and take more calories to digest then they have caloric count. Routine is also very important not only with their feeding schedule but with their daily exercise times as well.

How dogs view their humans is interesting. They find what we worry and get stressed to much. They think our lifestyles are very complicated and that their purpose is to bring joy and comfort and to remind us the simplicity of life.

Dogs think, or so they have told me, that our energy is quite hard to penetrate. I think that is the foundation of learning how to have a better connection with our pet, to get through all the mind chatter and learn to have more clarity and flow within ourselves.

When we align ourselves with nature, we are in tune with the animals and their spirit essence as well.