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December 2014

Dangerous Foods & Products to Avoid for Dogs Vibrant Equine Healing

Dangerous Foods & Products to Avoid for Dogs


Salt  (Sidewalk)  and De-Icers ~

Before we get into foods and medications to avoid for our pets, lets not forget that sidewalk salt and a majority of de-icers can be toxic when absorbed through your dog’s paw pads during the winter months. There are a variety of ‘Paw Balm’ products to choose from, and you can treat your dog’s paw pads before you set out on your walk. Be aware of shivering and if your dog slows down during the walk, or appears to be nervous or anxious as these may be signs of frostbite, chemical burns or even hypothermia in very cold weather. Wash off the paw pads with warm water as soon as you get home from your walk and dry them off well to prevent your pet from licking and ingesting any salt or chemical residual which may have been deposited during your walk.

Human Medictions ~ Aspirin Tylenol Advil etc: GI Ulcers and kidney failure

Artificial Sweetners ~ found in candy, gum or human food: hypoglycemia, liver failure or death

Alcohol ~ intoxiction, coma or death

Caffeine ~ toxic to nervous system and heart: diarrhea and vomiting

Chocolate ~ toxic to heart & nervous system: death

Cooked Bones from Fish Chicken Pork Beef etc ~ stomach lacerations, chipped and broken teeth

Rawhide Chew Bones and Products ~ stomach and GI blockages, non-digestible

Fatty Foods ~ excessive fatty foods: pancreatitis

Dairy ~ excessive dairy: diarrhea

Avocado ~ contains persin: vomiting and diarrhea

Raisins, Curants Grapes ~ kidney failure

Walnuts, Macadamias ~ nervous system and muscle damage

Onions ~ excessive: blood cell damage, anemia

Mushrooms Alert ~ some varieties: shock and death

*Please note that at Healing Monk for People and Pets, we do not prescribe or diagnose health conditions of an animal. If you think your pet has eaten something toxic or dangerous please contact immediately your local or family veterinarian clinic.