• January 30, 2015

Chakras for People

Chakras for People

Chakras for People Vibrant Equine Healing



Chakras for People


In the body there are some minor chakra centers and seven major locations. Each chakra has it’s own frequency vibration thus the varying colors that are assigned to each individual chakra. People with blocked or imbalanced chakras may experience the feeling of “being off” and cannot figure out why. A chakra can become inactive quite easily from daily triggers (from within us or external events), stress, work, diet, relationship, money worries, negative pocketed energy, all of these factors can influence and impact the chakra centers and contribute to imbalance or dis-ease. Chakras can also flow too actively and therefore it is important to keep them in-check.

Root Charka (Red) – This chakra symbol represents the most earth centered chakra. It stands for our belief systems, family, early childhood. We feel grounded when this chakra is open.

Sacral Chakra (Orange) – The second from the bottom of the seven chakras is about our relationships, creativity, sexuality, control and money.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) – This chakra symbol connects us with the energy to act and expressing our personal power. People who are more ‘knowing’ often say they have a feeling that something is about to happen or has happened.

Heart Chakra(Emerald Green) – The heart chakra is the integration point for the seven chakras of the body and involves our emotions and feelings.

Throat Chakra( Turquoise Blue) – The throat chakra symbol is all about communication, the right to speak and be heard.

Third Eye Chakra (Dark Blue Indigo) Our intuition and psychic abilities, the spiritual eye.

Crown Chakra (Purple) – This chakra is located at the top of the head and spins very quickly as our direct connection to the divine source. Guidance and healings come through us, from source, and this energy is of a higher frequency.

The simple measure of keeping the chakras open and balanced can bring clarity and flow to your energy system and enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well being.