Vibrant Equine Healing Philosophy

The Vibrant Equine Healing Philosophy for People and Pets is all about nurturing and supporting you throughout your spiritual journey. You are encouraged to journal in between sessions. The door is ‘always open to you’ if you wish to ask any questions or have a transformational experience you wish to share with Judy!
There is a bond between ourselves and our pets that can rarely be put into words. We cherish and respect our pets as if they were our own children. But what happens when behaviours get out of sync? What happens when one of us begins to misinterpret the others behaviours and we lose the mutual respect needed for a healthy relationship? Frustration is often the outcome and it comes from both you and your pet. These outcomes can manifest in many undesirable and often unpredictable ways.

The Vibrant Equine Healing energy can facilitate a peaceful resolution for you and your pet to attain a harmonious, happy relationship. Whether you are starting with a very young pet or one that has been in the family forever, Judy will design a unique Custom Program just for you!