Vibrant Equine Healing ~ Balancing and Opening Chakras!

Chakras are energy spinning vortices located in the body. The animal or person absorbs energy through these centers and it is filtered outwards. When there are energy blockages, it may hinder energy flow. If there are no medical issues for your pet, from your veterinarian, look to the animals energy field. Blocked chakras symptoms may go hand-in-hand with undesirable behavior, and unusual unpredictable ways of acting out. As you can see, not everything is necessary to be remedied just through dog training alone. People may experience the feeling of being “off” and cannot figure out why, followed by frustration and confusion. It is amazing to feel the clarity, flow and alignment when the charkas are open and the energy is flowing! Each session incorporates healing body sweeps, and aura clearing for you both!

If you wish to showcase an Event featuring Judy at your Animal Care Clinic, Pharmacy and Health Centre, or Pet Food Store please let us know! We are happy to arrange an appointment for you, or facilitate a Group Event.

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