Free movement & flexible minds

We help horses, riders and tired bodies free themselves of aches, pains and limiting beliefs for better performance and overall wellbeing.

A Vibrant Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on supporting and nurturing your relationship with your horse.

At Vibrant Equine Healing, our philosophy for people and their horses is all about nurturing and supporting them throughout their spiritual journey. There is a bond between people and their pets that can rarely be put into words, but what happens when these behaviours fall out of sync? What happens when an animal or owner begins to misinterpret the other’s behaviours and the mutual respect for a healthy relationship is lost? Frustration is often the outcome, and this can manifest in unpredictable and undesirable ways.

Our Story

Magna Wave, Neuro Connect Equine and a multi-million dollar race horse!

Our story from 2017 is when we first heard about Magna Wave which prompted success on thoroughbred and performance horses. Magna Wave has become a leader in the PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) industry and our company MAGNA WAVE PHYSIO was formed. PEMF provides a supportive and beneficial therapy, not only to equine athletes but to small animals, people and competing human athletes. PEMF therapy works well for inflammation reduction, pain relief and cellular rejuvenation providing the body with the key to activating the healing process. NEURO CONNECT EQUINE CLIPS are compatible with PEMF and they work wonderfully together!

Michael began his career in the horse world as a youngster in grade school, breaking ponies and assisting a rodeo stock contractor while in high school, bronc riding and later competing in quarter horse match races. Mike’s love for racing extended into the thoroughbred world, where he competed on World Class Racecourses with fellow jocks Willie Shoemaker, Laffite Pincay Jr., Eddie Dalhousie and Bill Hartack. Over his nine-year career as a professional jockey, he won over 500 races and rubbed shoulders with ‘fame & fortune’ but soft spoken and mild-mannered Mike says: “it makes no difference to him”.

Mike is well-known for starting and his foundation work with Perfect Drift, multiple stakes winner of 11 races and over $4,680,691, behind only Curlin and Lava Man among active thoroughbreds.

Managing several thoroughbred farm operations, Mike found the work challenging and always very rewarding and as an accomplished horseman and pro jockey with years of valuable experience then re-located to beautiful British Columbia with his wife Judy. After several years on thoroughbred breeding farms and Judy’s employment at Monty Roberts Horse Whisper Farm in California, it was time to transition to Canada where he first apprenticed for his riding career.

Having gone full circle, Mike and Judy enjoy on-site visits to performance show horse stables or anywhere there is a horse in any discipline who needs us! ~ within the lower mainland of BC facilitating PEMF and INJURY RECALL Sessions. We are all about connecting and loving on the animals and helping them to feel their best while keeping them healthy and happy!

Our services include but are not limited to the below:

  • PEMF Magna Wave
  • NeuroConnect Injury Recall Technique (IR)
  • Horse Whispering
  • NeuroConnect Grooming Massage
  • Polarity & Surrogate Testing ~ Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT)
  • Equine & Lifestyle Clips and NeuroReset Products Sales Worldwide
  • Race & Show Horse Transportation
  • Sport Coaching & Equine Assessments
  • Equine Conformation Analysis Consulting
  • Yearling Starting & Sales Prep
  • Stallion & Broodmare Management
  • Foaling Weaning Services