PEMF for People

What is MagnaWave?

MagnaWave is a pulsed electro-magnetic field that is said to stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation, and reduce inflammation. This action is thought to cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to improvement of health without side effects. A cell produces energy called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), this energy is vital for the function of the body, building up and breaking down molecules, and transporting substances across cell membranes. MagnaWave  PEMF is thought to increase ATP levels and the signal is able to penetrate the cell wall to increase its permeability, deliver more oxygen & rid waste products such as carbon dioxide helping the body heal itself naturally.

What Can MagnaWave Do?

MagnaWave positively charges blood cells so that they repel one another (like-magnetic charges repel), making it impossible for them to stick together. This maximizes the ability of the blood cells to perform their tasks in the capillaries of all the major organs. The work of the lungs, liver, intestines and kidneys is optimized when proper and full blood flow can take place. When the blood is oxygenated, so are the organs and tissues, reducing disease which can produce imbalances and sickness.

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Drug free
  • Speed the healing process of a tendon, ligament, bone, muscle injury or post-op procedure
  • Relieve pain from arthritis and other degenerative conditions
  • Utilize nutrition and supplements better
  • Increase range of motion
  • No side effects
  • Used by professional athletes
  • PEMF is FDA approved to treat depression, anxiety, non-union bone fractures, migraines, urinary incontinence in women, and glioblastoma.

A study conducted with MagnaWave showed an 82% decrease in lumbar pain and a 55% reduction in knee pain “resistant to medical treatment” with more than five years of having the diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magna Wave PEMF machines are not medical devices and do not treat or cure diseases or their symptoms. You should always ask your doctor before using any type of PEMF machine, but generally yes they are safe to use. Your practitioner will talk to you about any contraindications.

PEMF technology has existed for hundreds of years, dating back to somewhat primitive civilizations, and has been used for a variety of purposes, including seed germination. MagnaWave was founded in 2002, and has been providing an avenue for wellness in both humans and animals ever since, using only top of the line equipment and thorough certification training.

While the therapy is similar, MagnaWave is not a static magnet. The difference is in the delivery method, power and how MagnaWave PEMF yields a deeper penetration. The higher power of MagnaWave PEMF provides shorter treatment times and often immediate results. What the blankets can do in 2 to 3 weeks most MagnaWave machines can do in 10 minutes.

Normal session time is 20-30 minutes but can vary depending on the situation.

Yes, but at the trainer or athletes discretion. However, we recommend that you try it ahead of time, since different people react differently to a session. We have found that some clients are more relaxed after the therapy, so you might not have the same edge before an event. Other clients are not affected in that way and are ready to perform.

Results can last a day or weeks depending on the issue. In a performance situation 1-2 sessions per week is normally

Muscle tissue palpitates in sensitive areas due to some type of resistance in the area & increased oxygenation and molecule movement in the cells. This is all explained in-depth in our certification training.

By increasing the blood oxygen in the whole body, the sensitive area continues to be benefited as super oxygenated blood from the rest of the body continues to flow through the area. Your practitioner will discuss how to approach your issue with you.

The blood oxygen is increased, lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated. This process reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing. The oxygenation of the blood helps relieve inflammation, thus relieving pain and helping the body begin to heal itself naturally.

A MagnaWave PEMF session can vary for each client. Diet, lifestyle, activity level, hydration, general health, & stress levels all contribute to how MagnaWave will work and how your equine athlete/pet feels after sessions. MagnaWave PEMF can help them feel energized, and this feeling can build for a few hours after a session. It is important to keep track of how they are feeling and for how long after each session. It tells your veterinarian & practitioner how many sessions they will need to achieve your goals.

If you notice your equine athlete/pet having less energy after a session, this may be due to a detox reaction. The body wants to clean house and is getting rid of toxins. Resting and keeping them hydrated may support this detox reaction.

Yes. While the magnetic field will not go through metal it will go around implants to the surrounding tissue. People with certain battery operated devices such as a pacemaker do not qualify for the use of MagnaWave PEMF because the risk of depleting the battery.

The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins (endotoxins) that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough. Simply stated, it is a reaction that occurs when the body is detoxifying and the released toxins either exacerbate the symptoms being treated or create their own symptoms. The important thing to note is that worsening symptoms do not indicate failure of the treatment in question; in fact, usually just the opposite. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms. The biggest problem with the Herxheimer reaction is that people stop having the PEMF sessions that are causing the reaction, and thus discontinue the very treatment that is helping to make them better. Although the experience may not make you feel particularly good, the Herxheimer Reaction is actually a sign that the body is setting itself up to heal itself. Not every person experiences this reaction, but it is a possibility.

MagnaWave’s PEMF machines are the most accessible, convenient and fastest way to alleviate pain, increase performance, expedite recovery and improve general wellness and range of motion.

What to expect during & after a session

  • You may see muscle fasciculations, especially in areas of greater sensitivity or injury
  • General Overall Relaxation and Sense of Well Being
  • Reduction of Inflammation- A Drug Free Pain Relief
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Toxins Released
  • A Need to Consume More Water To Flush Toxins Out
  • More Frequent Bowel Movements
  • Better Sleep
  • The Possibility of Feeling Worse Before You Feel Better. This is called The Herxheimer Reaction (see the FAQ above)

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