Vancouver BC

NeuroConnect Clips for Self Treatment

Kathy Lifton
Langley BC Canada

“Hi Judy. Thanks to both of you to bring the neuro clips. When Kenny was young he had the most amazing neck. It been a long time since I saw that neck. So many injuries over the years. When you and Mike came his neck hollow, unmuscled and had the big lump on his crest Well look at him now! He will turn 22… next March.”

“You can use my testimonial and the head and neck shot. I am very happy to see Kenny looking like his. I have Linda riding him for her rehab. We use the 4 clips when she rides. Given that Kenny hurt the top of his neck at 6 and was diagnosed with neck arthritis at 14, I am astonished how much his neck came back in such a short time. Thanks for your help.”

Special thanks to Kathy Lifton and Linda Dieno for their wonderful follow-up work with the Equine Neuro Clips and Glove Massage for ‘Kenny’, Kathy’s retired Dressage horse.

Sarah Martin, Dressage Professional U.S.A.

“The benefits of Equine Neuro Connect when using the Equine Connect clips I see an immediate and sustained difference in range of motion and mental focus. As th…e horse becomes physically balanced, their mind seems to relax and become more capable of maintaining their focus on the job at hand.”

Marilyn Morris, Morris Arabian Training
Semiahmoo Stables Surrey, BC Canada

Rider Lizzy says there is a difference in Noble – less stiffness, more relaxed. I’ve used the clips and glove every day and have a happy, relaxed horse. Thank you!

One Happy Golfer

Shot 72. Best round in a few weeks. Very happy. Swing felt good. Putted below average. Get me some clips please!!” These little clips are amazing. You’re not getting them back!!!!!!!!!

Lori Kent, Blenheim Stables
Langley BC, Canada

“Echo” had his NEURO CONNECT INJURY RECALL SESSION with Judy & Mike from Vibrant Equine Healing. I found it amazing how Echo tested weak in all the spots that the Equine Massage Practitioner works on. I would highly recommend this healing modality ~ especially with the lovely and knowledgeable Judy & Mike. Thanks you two for sharing your gift.

Eiren Crawford
All Points Dressage

Sammy gave it his all this weekend at the Canada Cup competition, killing it in three Grand Prix classes. I was SO HAPPY to meet Magna Wave Physio there and have them work on both Sammy and I. We both feel so much looser and more relaxed after treatments, I know it made a big difference to our successful weekend. Thanks so much Judy & Mike!

World Wide Fund for Nature
Toronto, 410 Adelaide Street West Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5V 1S8

I’d love to continue to explain ways to connect your work to WWF. Maybe through a blog we could both share & ‘like’ 🙂

Chelsea Cavanaugh, Twin Oaks Farm Ltd
Richmond BC Canada

“For a year now, we have been lucky enough to have Judy Starre treating our horses at Twin Oaks Farm. Every single horse loves their hour spent being treated, and it’s easy to see the positive benefits from Magna Wave Therapy. Judy and Mike are not only knowledgeable but so passionate about this treatment. This therapy increases blood flow, reduces pain, and speeds up healing (to name a few of the benefits). We are happy to be partnered with them for not only this how season, but many more to come.

Judy & Mike are experts with Magna Wave. The horses and riders have benefited so much from this service. I highly recommend them!!”

Langley BC

“Ballerina! Retired-Rides/Boards/Trains at the Hazelmere Kilberg Family Owned Stable- ‘Hazelmere with Olympic bound Rochelle Kilberg. From Rochelle’s to High Point Equestrian Club—You can’t do better than that Judy Starre. Pictures are Great!”

Andrea Taylor, Andrea Taylor Dressage
Delta BC Canada

“Andrea Taylor Dressage” is really happy to welcome “Healing Monk” to the team! Judy and Mike have used PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) therapy to help my horse’s minds and bodies function better in this highly demanding sport. Judy and Mike are so enthusiastic and love to answer all my questions. I can honestly say my best, more relaxed rides have been in the days following treatment. MY body will be next and I can’t wait!”

Pam White and Scout Langley BC

“At the beginning of April, 2019, after having been through a series of veterinary exams / treatments with my horse trying to get to the bottom of there being something “not quite right” with him, I found he only continued to get worse. He was at a stage of being practically unrideable. I had started to contemplate whether I should give him a year off in a field to see if he got any better. It was at that very moment I met Judy and Mike, who were performing Magna Wave Therapy on a friend’s horse at my barn. My friend was very positive about how it helped with her horses, so I decided to give it a try, since it couldn’t make him any worse.

I was utterly astounded by my horse’s positive reaction to the therapy and by the immediate results from the very first treatment. He absolutely loved it, even more than body massage and all the severe tightness in his back loosened immensely. By the second treatment he was rideable again and by the third, he was feeling super. With regular maintenance since and a recent change in his saddle, I have a whole new horse, better than he has ever been since I have owned him. Now, six weeks later, I just completed a 2 day dressage clinic with a 4 star judge and started up lessons with a new trainer. My horse is motivated, happy with his work and we are making huge progress. I have also personally had a few PEMF treatments and find I have much more energy, flexibility and overall feel much less creaky. I can’t say enough about this therapy and what wonderful people Judy and Mike are. They have been an integral part of changing both our lives in an enormous way.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.”

Kelly Lyons, Impulsion PEMF LLC

“Judy is an expert with Magna Wave, I would highly recommend her!”

Ruzaan Choksey, Jockey
Hastings Racecourse
Vancouver, Canada

“Hello Judy,

I have been practicing the things that you told me to do with the horses. I have experienced things since I met you. It seems they have been talking to me. But I don’t know if my interpretation has been right on target or not, but I do feel a difference in them.
In fact, I should tell you that the last two weeks of racing the horses, I spoke to them and tried to tell them “It’s ok” and to “be calm” in their races and that “they can win, so just go and win it”. They HAVE won. I wanted to tell you this last week, but I thought, “It can’t be so”. I thought I should try it for some more time, so I spoke to my pal (Horse) again. I told him that “It’s ok if he jumps out late” (as he has a habit to jump late) but that he can win because I know he can, even if he jumps late. I saw the results today and saw that he won! Even after jumping out late.

I don’t know if it was my talking to them is making a difference or it is just my head that thinks of it that way.

Also, you said that there are some who don’t talk too much and then some that do. I did feel that. I also saw the ones who are shy too.
Thank you soooo much for giving me the knowledge.

Hope I can have much more for you. Thank you”

Barb Edmonson, Langley

“I recommend Judy and Mike because of the outstanding care and attention to detail that they give to all my animals both horses and dogs.”

Jan, Twin Oaks Farm
Richmond BC Canada

“Hi, Judy just wanted to say thank you again. Today I felt great!! You guys and are miracle workers. I got to Thunderbird at 5 am and left at 6pm and my legs and back did not hurt all day. Thank you so much.”


“Hi Mike, letting you know all went great this weekend at the West Coast Summer Spectacular. Jackson won the super horse award of the show and they won the hi point award for both the youth and novice youth categories! I think Magna Wave definitely helped Jackson make it through his busy schedule. Thanks again for being there and working with our schedule.”

Thank you, Mike and Judy.
Macartney Greenfield
Delta BC

“Thank you!
Hoping for continued success at SRC next week!”

“I am very thankful to have found Mike, Judy and their Magna Wave Therapy. The treatment has been incredibly positive for both or my mares, despite their very different stages of life.

The treatment has helped Denali, my competitive mare, use her body to its fullest in intense competition in both Show Jumping and Eventing. Following her treatments, she is looser and able to move more freely, and I notice significantly less tightness through her back region.

For “Printer” my 28-year-old mare, the treatment has allowed her to experience improved circulation and less stiffness through her arthritic regions.

I am so thankful that this treatment has given my horses a better ability to use their bodies.”

Bosley’s By PetValu –Chilliwack

“Judy was fantastic and spot on with understanding the dogs energy and needs! We were all grateful for her visit down at the Bosley’s in Chilliwack.

Thanks Judy :)”

Ronan Byrne

“Thanks Judy.. spend almost a year with a serious knee injury.. Magna Wave helped me get back to racing and training.. even got 1st place in the T Zone Natural bodybuilding championships 2019.. (grandmaster decision)”

Irvin Sammons
Crystal Whispers Therapy Oasis
South Africa

“Dearest Judy,

Thank you so much for assisting me in the treatment of my furry client!

As you know it was quite a serious case and considering that he had gone through past abuse, massive head trauma and also being quite an emotional dog, your assistance in helping me is highly appreciated!

I specifically contacted you so that you would assist with a Theta Healing. I found your report on his treatment astounding and when I showed it to his Mom, she cried for over 40 minutes! Your advice coupled your healing was incredible and I’m certain it is going to help calm him down and show him a better life…

Thank you as well for your professionalism, holding my clients up in high repute and being so quick with your treatment! You have helped save a life!

I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Jane Davidson

Dear Judy,

I want to thank you for all your help with my dog Oliver. As I had explained, Oliver was becoming more and more freaked out about being left at home alone so when I took a temporary job where Oliver wasn’t allowed to come to work with me, it became a real problem. Oliver would refuse to come in the house when he knew it was time for me to go to work. When in the house, he would hide under my desk and shake. I would leave him a bone but he wouldn’t touch it until I came home.

After you did your communication/healing on Oliver, you told me that he was traumatized from when he was a pup because he had been suckling on his mother and then she got up, left and never came back. What I hadn’t told you is that when I bought him from the breeder, they told me that his mother was a really good mother until they were about 4 weeks old and then she wanted nothing to do with her pups.

Since your communication and healing, Oliver is doing so much better. When Oliver knows that I am going to leave him at home alone, he just stays on the couch and gives me “the look”, he is not happy about it but he is not traumatized. I have seen signs that he is moving around the apartment and he has even managed to get into mischief. I really am thankful for all your help with Oliver. This has been really good for Oliver and great for me because I can now go out and leave Oliver at home alone and not have to worry about him, I can finally have a social life.

Vancouver BC

“Hi Judy,

You won’t believe this but the first week we were in Italy, Marco wore his boot cast when we were visiting with relatives. The following week was when the soccer camp started and there was an on-site doctor at all times on the field. The doctor cleared Marco to play so the very first day of camp he was off playing goalie and his foot is completely fine!! He has had no pain and has not gone back to wearing the cast.

So thank you!!! I’m sure your treatments helped considerably and he played great too! I think he’s healed and I am sure I’ll be back in the future with more injuries.

It was a pleasure meeting with you on our visits. Thanks again.”

Michael Turner,
Langley BC

“I saw Judy and Michael at the Body Soul Spirit Expo last weekend. I had recently injured my shoulder and could find no relief. Judy and her machine had me right as rain after one treatment! Great people and a product that works!”

Langley BC

“Thank you Judy! For the demo today. My right arm is still moving freely and I have more painless range of motion than I have had in years! I can even reach behind my back to do up my bra. Something I have not done in more than 3 years! I would like to book a treatment for my horse and for myself.”

Langley BC

“I had a demo last week and did my bra up behind my back for the first time in over 6 years! I broke my shoulder and never reached behind my back again, until now! So my 21 years old horse and I both had a treatment day before yesterday. So very happy, both my arms have complete range of motion, in all directions, with no pain, no clicks. If my horse feels even half as good as I do I’m happy!”


“Hi Judy,

I wanted to follow-up from our meeting last weekend! Certainly, a shift has happened and I am trying to allow it to take its own course, and listen. I feel calmer and more confident in some ways, and clearer in others … And I do feel a “safer” sense of well-being. Thank you once again, Judy … It is hard for me to put to words this so powerful & deep healing process. I will keep in touch. Kind regards.”


“Hi Judy,

Just an update–! Have noticed that the feeling of stress has left me and I seem to be able to handle my everyday tasks in a calm manner. This is good!

Thanks for everything”

Donna Cheshire
Saskatoon, SK

“I was fortunate to have a theta healing session with Judy and was amazed with the results. I have never been a person who could find that special quiet “place” to go; too many things would creep back into my mind. Judy was able to lead me there and I continue to be able to return to this place of peace. My sleep patterns have improved immensely and I can sit and clear my mind in times of stress. During our session Judy was able to connect with both of my parents. I was always very close to my mother so I was not surprised to find her near but the discovery of my father watching over me was astonishing. He was a distant and rather harsh man and I harbored feelings of anger for years. Judy brought a peace between me and my father. For that I’m eternally grateful. Another surprise in the healing was the connecting communication with my dog, Drifter. He had been around me all the time and needed to send me a message of love so he could move on. Needless to say, the session brought me to tears.

A few years ago Judy did a reading on my cat, Paisley. I could not understand Paisley’s distress when riding in the truck. Paisley was a rescue cat. Judy discovered she had been abandoned on the road and cornered by a snow plow. The noise of the snow plow had traumatized her. Judy made a connection with her and I had many”conversations” with Paisley about her fears. She does remarkably well remaining calm when we travel now. I look forward to seeing Judy in the spring when she can again help me bring even more peace into my life and share with her another remarkable experience. “

Sedona, Arizona

“Hi Judy,

Thank you so much for helping Charlie to get his “sparkle” back so quickly! Your remote communication opened up some insights into potential impact on his health as a puppy mill dog with lack of consistent meals and fresh water. It also eased my concern that he has no pressing health issues (especially since he had 2 knee surgeries before I got him).

I’ve been adding wet food and water or broth to his kibble as you suggested. And he gets more ice cubes (still a favorite). His energy level has improved considerably in just a day or two. And his eyes are bright and shiny again.

I love my boy so much and want the very best for him.

You have made a real difference!”

Los Angeles

“Dear Judy,

Thank you for your insights into Annie’s world! Wow–I’m so amazed at what you can see and perceive. I shared it with Fred, and I think it will help both of us to help her feel more comfortable and safe. And your specific tips for when we leave Annie and for how to help her be calm on walks are great! I’d definitely like to set up a theta healing for Annie when you get back from your trip. And I realize that a part (maybe a big part) of Annie’s insecurities may be coming from my own worry about her. I tend to worry that she’s missing me and not getting all she needs (as she’s scared of Fred) when I’m away on trips and I’m sure she’s picking up on that. So sounds like I need to do some work, too!”

Cora and Mira

“Hello Judy,

Yet again, thank you. Mira seemed really relaxed, and more subdued than her often rambunctious nature. I was home today, and we spent a lot of time together sitting together. I feel very light, happy and relaxed. I feel as though I have extra energy surrounding myself. I felt this all-encompassing love for Mira and we shared that. The food request is funny, and I have fed her organic beef and bison before, but because her digestive system is so sensitive we stopped and now she gets cooked organic chicken with either organic steamed bochchoy or zucchini. She has never had Kale, but I have a lovely big bag from the farmers market.

Thank you again.
Theta is amazing!!!”

Heather & Giggs
Tucson, Arizona

“Hello Judy,

Thank you so much once again. I believe Giggs is on the road to recovery and that is due to your healing and communication with him. You gave both of us the strength to see the light. Our Love”

Madison Taylor

“Hi Judy.

Getting a pet reading was just what my dog needed!!

He used to be a hyperactive excessive barking beagle…but now I know I need to do more breed specific things with him, get him out doing what he was bred for and get him out of his daily habits and out for more trail walks and expending his energy..it’s really been helping a lot with the both of us. He’s really come a long way in a short amount of time. I can’t thank you enough  we will be in touch!”

Korky and Kari
Surrey British Columbia

“Hi, I would like to say thanks for the wonderful job you did on my little Jack Russell Terrier. Korky is 14 1h and was suffering with sleepless nights and a few other problems that come with old age. Since Judy did a repair over the waves my little angel is doing just fine. She is sleeping sounder and longer through the nights. Her little tummy doesn’t make as much noise as it once did. All in all I believe the work that Judy did for my baby was a wonderful experience for myself and helped my dog as well.”


“Hi Judy, WOW is that ever accurate. I did not know about lacking milk although she was smaller than she should have been when I got her. The breeder’s brought Mira with her from Victoria to Kamloops, than back down to Vancouver over the course of the weekend, and that is how I got her. She must have been traumatized. Mira has also been dealing with tape worms as she had them when I got her. Unfortunately, when I got her I was dealing with the initial death of my father, and I know I lost my temper on her many times, that of which I feel very upset that I treated her in this manner. It still upsets me to mention this. Theta healing is amazing. I think I need to get a few more treatments. Thanks for doing this.

Your work is amazing, and you can bet I will recommend you highly.”