Appointment Contact & Fees

Should you wish to travel to beautiful British Columbia and enjoy the ‘Vibrant Equine Healing Experience’ for yourself and animal companion it is a beautiful Canadian holiday you will not soon forget.

Domestic or International Consultations may be made via telephone or email. Simply mail or email a photograph of your pet for a Pet Training Communication Consultation, Animal Communication, Pet Reading, Thetahealing (for you or your pet), Reiki Session or Gentle Pet Grief Support.

Email Judy to Book a Session

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 3534 LCD 1 Langley
British Columbia V3A 4R9 Canada

Call or Text Judy

(604) 258-8784

PEMF Magna Wave Treatments Horses

$100/Single Treatment

$75/each for Barn Rate of 3 or more Horses

Humans & Pets $50

Sport Coaching for Athletes


Achieving your “A GAME”! The issues ARE in the tissues. Let’s re-align and release your creative powerful Winning transformational synergy!

Equine Training “From the Inside Out”


Remedial Training Solutions for Winning Performances!

Animal Whispering


~Interesting and Aspiring~ Learn to read and listen to your animal on a finer vibrational frequency.

Theta Healing for You!


Eliminating out dated belief patterns and ‘old stuff’ that no longer serve you. Do you believe in Miracles?

Animal Communication


Secrets your pet wants you to know.

Gentle Pet Grief Support


“Connecting with Your Loved Ones” Intuitive Guided Readings. Beautiful.