Equine Neuro Connect™ Clips

Cut-proof Glass-fiber Glove

Trainers have recommended lightly grooming your horse with the Neuro Connect Clip attached to the ‘Cut-proof Glass-fiber Glove’ as the threads conduct the subtle energy from wherever you touch the horse. The horse has a Neuro Connect Clip attached on the forelock between the ears, brain cortex area. The result is similar to a Chiropractic Adjustment, but without any physical impact. It safely provides a reconnection of the joint receptors to the Central Nervous System (CVS) and normal function is restored”.

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Demonstrated by a amateur competitive rider with dressage horse (Langley BC, Canada). See the horse enjoying a massage with the NEURO CLIP GLOVE. Notice the movement of the hock and how it automatically adjusted by usage of the Glove and Neuro device clip attached.

Amazing! a Chiropractic Equine Adjustment facilitated right before our eyes!

Introducing TRACEY EPP of SIGNATURE FARMS Richmond BC Canada with her Grand Prix Jumper “CHICAGO”! Tracey’s career highlights include, Winner of FEI 2 Star Grand Prix and in this youtube Chicago is enjoying a massage with the NEURO CLIP GLOVE.

Thank you Tracey for the invite opportunity to your breeding/training farm and the privilege of meeting you, and your magnificent Grand Prix equine athletes!

Equine Neuro Connect™ Clips

Equine Neuro Connect™ Clips are a new technology designed to enhance and unlock a horse’s potential, and at Vibrant Equine Healing, we are a proud distributor of these products along with the Cut-proof Glass-fiber Glove.

Take advantage of this new technology to unlock your horse’s potential!

These clips help restore normal joint and muscle function for both horse and rider, and help you become energetically connected to your horse! This occurs thanks to Multipartite Entanglement (ME) characteristics created using unique photon technology.

How can you use equine Neuro Connect™ clips to enhance your horse’s performance and improve your mutual relationship? Through the assessment and resetting procedure, and our guidance, you can implement the clips to identify joint faults and hidden muscle issues that may impede your horse from performing at its fullest potential.

Similar clips have been used by humans for years, and using the same technology, they let you remove neurological memories your horse may associate with past injuries. This is incredibly beneficial because horses store previous traumas in their neuropathways that harm their ability to perform.

We show you how to effectively use equine Neuro Connect™ clips to identify performance-related issues. Based on our findings, we will use this information to further enhance your individualized coaching plan and help you establish a harmonious partnership with your horse.

Become one with your animal through our therapy solutions and the use of equine Neuro Connect™ clips! Find out more about how this technology can enhance your horse’s healing, performance, and happiness in the Langley, British Columbia area by contacting us at Vibrant Equine Healing today.

Where to buy
Equine Neuro Connect™ Clips

Vibrant Equine Healing sell Equine Neuro Connect™ Clips locally and ship anywhere in Canada as the Canadian Independent Distributor, to order please contact us. For orders outside Canada, you can find these clips along with Dr. Mark Metus’s other products available for sale at https://neuroreset.ca/products

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Download a free copy of Dr. Mark Metus’s step by step guide to using Quantum Instruments to identify and help support the symptoms of neuromuscular conditions as well as spinal and peripheral joint issues in both humans and horses.

Dr. Mark Metus’s new book is also available from Amazon in the Kindle format. Simply download the free Kindle application which can be used to read the book on any computer, tablet or phone and search for ‘Quantum Alignment Technique’.

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