Horse Whispering

Experience an authentic relationship with your horse.

Here at Vibrant Equine Healing, our lifechanging horse whispering sessions have made an incredible difference for horses and riders in the Langley, British Columbia area. Horses are life-changers, and when you partner with a horse, this relationship can provide a basis for physical and emotional healing, enhanced confidence, improved awareness, and a greater feeling of empowerment. For your horse, this harmonious relationship can encourage growth, promote healing, and enhance performance.

Using alternative, proven therapies, we have healed many horses and helped them live pain-free, happy lives through our horse whispering process. We work closely with horse and rider duos to create trusting unity between the two and develop long-lasting, fruitful relationships.

Our animal strategist, Judy Starre, has devoted her life to the art of horse whispering and understanding the unique human-animal connection. Judy has an extensive understanding of why horses behave the way they do, why they react the way they do, and the meaning behind their body language. She will teach you how to listen instead of reacting to your horse’s actions, developing a foundation for a relationship that improves performance and enhances meaning for both horse and rider.

Discover what horse whispering can do for you and the developing relationship you have with your horse! To find out more or to schedule your initial horse whispering consultation, reach out to us directly at Vibrant Equine Healing.

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