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Animal Spirit Possession – Communication & Healing

Animal Communications and Horse Whispering are very sacred and dear to me. This request came from a lady who wanted an Animal Communication and for me to get in touch with her cat, the breed was a Savannah Serval/Domestic. The lady had seen an Animal Behaviourist for the cat situation previously but was still looking for results for her cat “Kenj” who kept striking out and was aggressive towards the family and their other cat, Mari. I connected with Kenj and it was very obvious that Kenj’s body was being inhabited and occupied by a very large animal, an elephant  and the cat initially had no room in its little body to accommodate this uninvited ‘visitor’.

So this if a form of ‘spirit possession’ and when I mentioned it to the owner she said;

– “an Elephant??” !!….JUDY!.. I am looking at elephant furniture right now!… we got it from my Uncle who has an Elephant Rescue Sanctuary in South Africa and this one died of natural causes, we brought the elephant furniture piece over from Africa with us!..

I replied to my client that ‘the spirit energy’ that resided in the elephant furniture has gone into Kenj’s little body, and no wonder the cat was going mad.

“So what do we do now she said”?,  and I replied “I can ‘go up’ and release the ‘spirit visitor’ to the light with a Healing if you like, and

Yes she was all for it”!!

When I completed the Animal Possession, the next thing I had to implement was Animal Strategy Techniques which involved, re-introducing the cat’s, not only to their living quarters which were  now going to be SHARED, but also to the whole household which had to survive around ‘shifts’ from morning to night (separate, divide, move, shuffle, and change cages every day for a very long time!).

This is the email I got from the client after the Strategy Concepts were in place, the healing was completed, and the cats were now living together, instead of always having to be separate and apart from each other including the pet parents!!

Hi Judy, “Just thought you would like a progress report 😉

Kenj’s eyes look like cat eyes now, even when she’s mad (which is really good!). Lol she does talk a lot! She screams a lot actually (she’s talking but it sounds like a baby crying). !!!

“Kenj and Mari have been doing really well!! We did Mari in the cage in Kenj’s room. Then Kenj in the cage in Mari’s room. Then we left both doors open. They have been avoiding each other for the most part. There was a little hissing and growling but otherwise fine (no real aggression).  I’ve kept a log to track progress 😉 Also would it be possible to email the conversations so I can share with my husband?

Thank you! Thank you so much!!

I’m really happy to be working with you!!! Sherry