My Sacred Healing Experiences Blog

My Sacred Experiences Blog

Let’s start with ‘Animal Communication from the inside’, and I am very happy to share and tell you what I hear and feel as a Facilitator, for this curious, fascinating, and sometimes misunderstood topic. So, when an animal ‘talks to me’, how is it possible you might ask? Well, it is not the ‘animal form’ that I am receiving messages from, it is the soul that resides in that animal’s body. Let me give you an example. People often say “but a horse can’t talk, can they?” and my answer is, ‘no the horse does not talk’ like “Mr. Ed” (the old famous talking T.V. Palomino) but the “spirit I am connecting with” is who I am ‘talking to’. It is interesting to hear the voices that come through with a Communication as all are vastly different with each greeting. Sometimes the voice may be incredibly old and antiquated sounding, and sometimes with a very tiny, soft voice. Each interpretation of an Animal Communication or Whispering is a great honor to receive and each connection is very sacred and close to my heart. The animals are incredibly grateful, happy, and relieved that someone has heard them, and they are anxious for me to tell You, their words, which may include: “where they hurt, what they are feeling, what they do not understand and what they want to do”.

I would love for you to experience the peace, solace, and love that you will receive after an Animal Communication, Horse Whispering or Healing session with me, as each one, also comes with ‘spiritual access’, flow and alignment that you may have never experienced or felt before. It can be life changing, it may inspire, empower, and give you new fresh ideas and perhaps even a new start.  Every healing, mentoring or communication session is allowing infinite flow and divinity to take place ~ and if you have not experienced a Miracle before, you may well put ‘Your Sacred Journey’ in this category now!

Get ready to experience what is true, and often invisible to others.

Let’s co-create and make today amazing!

“See you on The Path!” ~ Judy ~