My Sacred Healing Experiences Blog

Navigating the Spiritual Waters

Thank you for joining me,  ..and a little something I want you to know about me is that I am not a psychic! If I were psychic, I would be “Rain Man” and be in Vegas right now!

Seriously, I am, an ordinary intuitive. We are all intuitive as well, and we perceive in different ways.  The way I receive is by ‘feeling’ so that make me an Empath. To do this kind of healing facilitating, my frequency is, I guess you would say sensitive therefore it makes it easier to be ‘telepathic’. We all are telepathic, even if we do not realize it. If you have ever had a gut feeling, a nudge, a prompting, an inkling, a little voice, or knowingness that you should or should not be doing something, -that is a form of telepathy. Animals are highly vibrational animals, so to tap into them becomes natural when you are on the same wavelength!  As for myself to raise my frequency or become more ‘sensitive’ it has taken me several years of ‘clearing my stuff’, courses, teaching and student practicums, meditations, being present with animals, attunements and several professional readings for clarity, wisdom, and guidance. Here on the earth plane we are living in the ‘natural’ and when a person is multi-dimensional, we are living in the ‘supernatural’, so we can move back and forth and between the various realms. My work includes sending negative energies to the light, as well as energy zappers, which do not serve you, drain energy and are a nuisance! Illness can take the form of an energy zapper!

Should you like to have an Animal or ‘all species’ Communication, all it takes for me is a photo of their eyes, ‘the window of the soul’ and I can connect remotely.

Navigating the spiritual realms is especially important to my healing work and I facilitate with and from the highest, Christ Consciousness. When I teach, I will ‘hold the space for you’ in learning some these measures which I have been talking about. It is also good to know, that I ‘witness’ (see or watch) the healing taking place and do not take credit, as I am merely the messenger or conduit for natural healing to take place. I hope you will join me, until then.

Get ready to experience what is true, and often invisible to others.

Let’s co-create and make today amazing!

“See you on The Path!” ~ Judy ~