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“Orvin” the Happy Partying Hormone!

I was leaving the barn when a rider came up to me and told me about her ‘racing heartbeat’. Apparently, it went on for several minutes at a time and that there was nothing that could be done other than medication, which she was not open to. I though, oh my gosh, I have to check this out and see what is up and asked her if I could quickly connect with her energy to possibly help her out and she agreed. When I went ‘in’ (which is when I connect energetically), I was shown a small red blood cell, liver colored, it looked like a round M&M. I spoke to the cell, (and yes, we can talk to our cells, our muscles our anatomy and the communication will be heard); and the little M&M was very friendly and very happy and and I asked it if it had a name, and it said yes, its’ name was “Orvin”. When I asked Orvin, what he was doing to cause my guest to have so much anxiety and worry over her racing heartbeat, Orvin replied that he “was having a party”!! I said, well that is not nice of you, you are causing a whole lot of worry and stress for this lovely person and Orvin apologized and admitted that at times he did go overtime and he was conscious of this and asked my guest for forgiveness, and  upon doing so she was flooded with peace!

So, please know that yes, you can ‘talk to your body’. Do not ‘own’ your condition and do not give it power over you. Just think of it as you are having the ‘experience’ having the illness or condition ~  just fill in the blank.

“Every cell in my body is healthy, every cell in my body is well”.