Understanding Animal Behaviour with Dr. Temple Grandin

Vibrant Equine Healing is excited to announce we have arranged a very special Virtual Event featuring world-renowned ANIMAL BEHAVIOURALIST, Scientist and AUTISM Spokesperson, Dr. Temple Grandin.

Often speaking to sold-out crowds, Dr. Grandin is a prolific author known for her trademark western wear and was the subject of a 2010 Emmy-winning HBO movie based on her unique life. Dr. Grandin has a different take on how animals think, which she equates it to the autistic brain: the attention to details, the different pathways and the very intense sensory experience. Being autistic herself, she’s shown what people living with that spectrum and living with autism can do and has made more of an impact on world-wide animal welfare than most people can hope to in a lifetime.

Dr. Grandin will be speaking on understanding behaviour in animals, including livestock and small animals. Her focus is on how to lessen fear in animals and how do we interpret our world for them.

To enjoy her MOVIE called “TEMPLE GRANDIN”, portrayed by Actress Claire Danes, simply go to:

You’ll also be amazed by her many, many fascinating books at:

Get to know Dr. Grandin and interact with her in this exciting Q&A!

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